Transformative travel focused on building deeper connections!

Your experience doesn’t end when you come home.

We believe that a child’s first visit to their birth country, what we call a Heritage Journey, can be a transformative, life-changing experience for every member of the family — deepening family bonds, building self-esteem and fostering meaningful cultural connections long before a birth or foster family search is initiated. Designing intricate trips that are the catalyst for building connections is our specialty at Motherland Travel.

We design purposeful and intentional family-centered trips geared toward building connections and creating opportunities for personal and family growth. We customize EVERY trip to meet the needs of EVERY family member! 

We can design an unforgettable adventure for your family or help you create your own!

What Motherland Travelers Are Saying…

Motherland Travel not only helped ease my anxiety, they thought of everything! My experience with Motherland Travel was exceptional. Prior to planning our trip, I felt anxious when I thought about our family returning to Guatemala. Motherland Travel not only helped ease my anxiety, they thought of everything!


Proud father of Jack

Bambi Wineland and Motherland Travel crafted a perfect heritage trip for our family to visit our son’s birth country of Guatemala. We were deeply moved by the personal threads and thorough work that was put into our itinerary. She was clear, accessible, and supportive throughout the process.


Salt Lake City, UT

Motherland Travel truly thought of every detail of our trip.  Bambi understood the impact that this trip would have on our son & the family as a whole. She orchestrated each day of our travel to maximize the fun, family bonding, ease of transitions and emotional impact.


Golden, CO

Oh, the places we can go!

Motherland Travel Designs Family-Centered Trips and Heritage Journeys to the Following Countries:

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